Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Closed Sundays

Café Ucopia Menu

We are serving Soup and Homemade Quiche Daily

Organic Coffee and Tea

House brew (Finger Lakes organic Breakfast Blend) 12 oz. $2.29 16 oz. $2.79
Organic cold brew coffee 16 oz. $2.79
Espresso single shot $2.29 americano $2.29
Red Eye $2.99
Lattes and Cappucinos 16 oz. $4.49
Milk options: Almond, Oat, Skim, Whole
Flavor options: Maple, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Seasonal
Specialty Lattes 16 oz. (choice of milk)
Chai Tea Latte $4.49
Turmeric Latte $4.49
Matcha Latte $4.99
*Make any latte a iced latte*
Hot (Republic of Tea) $1.99
Iced Tea (seasonal flavors) $2.19
Chaga Tea
Hot Chocolate $2.99 (choice of milk)

Smoothies 16 oz. $6.99

Purple Pineapple – acai, pineapple, coconut water
Popeye – spinach, spirulina, banana, pineapple, lemon, coconut water
Magic Mango – mango, yogurt, maple, coconut water, cayenne pepper
Rise N Grind – espresso, cashews, cacao, maple
Killer Bees – blueberry, strawberry, honey, hibiscus
Fruits and Roots – cherry, mango, ginger root, turmeric root, honey, hibiscus
Bee Nutty– peanut butter, banana, cinnamon, honey, almond milk
Strawberry Supreme – strawberry, banana, apple juice
Razzmatazz ~ Raspberries, Peaches, Strawberries, Yogurt & Apple Juice
Just Peachy ~ Peaches, Banana, Yogurt & Apple Juice


Blueberry Granola Cookies $2.49 each – Homemade fresh daily 

Gluten Free Chia Fruit Bars $2.49
Homemade Quiche $1.99

Protein Shake

$6.99 – Your choice of 2 fruits,
choice of milk, and choice of whey protein
powder (by Solgar), or plant-based protein
(by Garden of Life)

Bowls 16 oz.

Acai $11.99– Blend of acai, mango, strawberry. Topped with granola, coconut flakes, blueberries, honey, and banana.
Dragon $12.99– Blend of Pitaya (dragon fruit), and pineapple. Topped with granola, mango, blueberry, chia seeds, honey, and banana.
Green $12.99– Blend of spinach, mango, banana, and lemon. Topped with pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, blueberry, mango, and cherries.
Protein $11.99– Blend of banana, almond butter, and choice of plant-based or whey protein. Topped with hemp seeds, blueberry, and honey.

Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

Carrot+ 3 16 oz. $9.99 – carrot juiced with any 3 additional vegetables, fruits, or spices
Celery+3 16 oz. $11.99 – celery juiced with any 3 additional vegetables, fruits, or spices
Available additions: celery, carrot, beet, cucumber, apple, kale, spinach, parsley, turmeric root, ginger root, cayenne,
cinnamon, black pepper
Suggested combos
Pete’s Beet $9.99– carrot, beet, celery, parsley
Sweet Beet $9.99– carrot, beet, apple, ginger
Green Hornet $11.99– celery parsley, kale spinach, cucumber
Green Dream $11.99– celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, apple, ginger


Cup of Soup –  $4.99 
Bowl of Soup – $5.99 
Quart of Soup – $9.99

*Our maple flax granola is homemade, gluten free, and vegan.*
*Our honey and maple syrup are sourced locally.*
*Substitute honey for maple syrup or agave to make any bowl or smoothie vegan*
*Substitute seeds instead of granola on top of any bowl for an option lower in carbs*

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